We are a small, multi-cultural community of women, committed to witnessing to the truth that as 21st century Christians, we belong to this age, this society; and that it is here and now that we demonstrate to the Church and the world that the religious life lived in community is relevant, fulfilling and needed in our world and times. We believe that God has a vision for each one of us and that opportunities to serve the Church and the world are abundant.

The heart of our life together is our faith in the absolute centrality of God’s love for us and our love for God. From this source springs our witness to God’s love for the world. This witness is made manifest through our daily encounter with God’s word in scripture, prayer and worship in a quiet and holy atmosphere.

Prayer, silence, study, and service, balanced by fellowship and renewing leisure form the essence of our life together. Supported by our Sisters in the community and the example of those who have gone before us, we derive inspiration and joy in ministering to God’s people through hospitality and community service. We delight in offering our convent, guest house and chapel as a welcome place of refreshment and prayer for those who join us in worship or retreat. Among the groups we host regularly, we enjoy providing hospitality for the monthly gathering of the diocesan diaconate program.

In recent years, an extension of our ministry has included the Bethany House of Prayer, centered at St. John’s Guest House, initiated by four women spiritual directors and associates whom we call our alongsiders. This growing ministry now includes six spiritual directors who offer spiritual direction, retreats, liturgies, contemplative prayer and refreshment days for individuals, groups and parishes.

As our Rule says: we desire to carry on the work of prayer and to seek, as far as God may allow, to draw others also, to know to love and to serve God. Any work which directly or indirectly contributes toward these ends is within the scope of the Order of St. Anne.


Sisters of St Anne-Bethany

Sr. Ana Clara, OSA, Mother Superior
Sr. Felicitas, OSA
Sr. Olga, OSA
Sr. Maria Agnes, OSA
Sr. Maria Teresa, OSA